Eunomia Research & Consulting is an environmental consultancy specialising in waste management, resource efficiency, and climate change issues.


The first question people often have is ‘What does Eunomia mean?’: - our name is from the Greek word meaning 'the good self-ordering of society'.


Our aim is to promote environmental improvement through critical evaluation of policies, advice on policy formulation, dissemination of best practice, and advice on strategy development.


We are passionate about our work and about helping to move agendas forward in a positive manner.  We are flexible towards service delivery and are able to respond to the particular needs of a range of clients.


We have a reputation for critical thinking and analysis. We will not simply tell clients ’what they want to hear’, but will provide the best advice based on leading edge research and analysis.


Eunomia Research & Consulting was set up in England in 2001 and has since grown to be one of the UK’s leading specialist environmental consultancies.  The New Zealand office was established in late 2007, and aims to make the same level of expertise and critical thinking available to New Zealand clients.  It has quickly earned a reputation for providing quality, independent analysis.

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